Innovations In Water Control

Self-Regulating Tide Gate (SRT)

Waterman’s SRT (or Self Regulating Tide Gate) is used in tidal wetlands preservation and restoration. It is typically manufactured of aluminum and painted with anti-fowling paint. Waterman’s SRT  restores tidal flushing of marshes without flooding of upland property behind dikes and levees.  Once the predetermined high water level is achieved, the SRT automatically closes and stays closed during the flood event, thereby protecting the flood prone area. Restored tidal flushing of the wetlands will help restore the estuarine ecosystem; eliminate marsh fires (both dry peat fires and tall reed grass fires), greatly reduce mosquito breeding, reduce sheet-flooding of the marsh; and restore upland drainage through re-scoured marsh channels. Because of the increased tidal prism to the restored wetland, deepening of the downstream channel and improved navigation will result as well.
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