Water Treatment Applications

The experts at Waterman have custom-engineered thousands of flow control gates and valves for projects worldwide.  Waterman’s team excels at developing smart solutions to specific project requirements partnering with engineers, government agencies, utilities, contractors and plant managers.

Our commitment to a highly-trained, customer-focused engineering team is unmatched by our competitors.  Using computer modeling technology and finite element analysis, Waterman manufactures gates that are technically superior to those offered by others.

Waterman has one of the industry’s largest dedicated manufacturing operations where we fabricate, machine and test our water control products.

Browse our links to learn more about our Water Treatment gate and control solutions:

Fabricated Slide / Sluice Gates (Aluminum and Stainless)

Heavy-Duty Cast Iron Slide Gates

Radial (Tainter) Gates

Fabricated Rectangular Butterfly Valves / Gates

Automatic Level Control Gates

Overshot / Tilting Weir Gates

Self-Regulating Tide Gates

Stop Logs

Telescoping Valves