Sellers Bridge Mill Rebuilding Complete

Waterman uses a variety of machining equipment in its operations and has standardized on its use of bridge mills for machining its cast iron sluice gates. The largest machine in the shop, the Sellers Bridge Mill, was originally installed in the mid-80’s and its large operating window – 16’ wide by 12’ high by 38’ long – provided Waterman with special capabilities for machining very large gate structures. Over time, the capabilities had deteriorated until it was rarely used in recent years.

However, in the summer of 2016, Waterman Industries completed a lengthy rebuilding process of this key piece of equipment. Improvements included replacement of the essential mechanical drive systems with VFD drives, addition of digital readouts and operator controls, rebuilding of the machining head, and lastly, a complete resurfacing of the ways on the bridge. These significant improvements have restored its machining accuracy back to “better than new” capabilities.

Waterman’s cast gate team (many team members are shown pictured on the Sellers) is excited to have this machine added back into Waterman’s arsenal as we grow the cast gate department. This machine increases our capabilities to have all labor operations, including machining, painting and assembly, to be performed in the USA by our in-house quality craftsmen, unlike our competitors who perform this work in China and India. This US sourcing insures Waterman Industries will continue to provide the highest levels of quality and workmanship of any sluice gate products produced in the world.