P-32 Cast Iron Sluice Gates


WATERMAN P-32 HEAVY-DUTY CAST IRON SLUICE GATES are ideally suited for pipe end shut-off applications. They are constructed of high-strength, close-grained cast grey iron, and feature stainless steel non-rising stems with 29-degree Acme thread standard.

Waterman P-32 sluice gates are commonly used in pumping stations, effluent ponding installations, and distributing boxes.

  • Available in 6″ through 14″ sizes
  • Furnished with handwheel (as shown) or with alternate lifts as commonly supplied with any other sluice gate
  • Circular opening, circular extended flangeback frame with mounting option of 25 lb. ANSI or 125 lb. ANSI drilling
  • Bronze seat faces and adjustable wedges
  • Non-rising stainless steel stem standard, rising stem optional
P-32 Cast Sluice Gates Downloads