AC-31 Aluminum Canal Gates

Superior Performance in Corrosive Environments

WATERMAN AC-31 ALUMINUM CANAL GATES offer best-in-class performance for corrosion-resistant, rust-proof installations. The superior design is rugged and durable, yet lightweight and easy to install. Fabricated aluminum eliminates electrolysis that occurs when using cast iron gates with aluminum pipe.  Round opening.


  • Tight closure with tapered wedge seating, low friction opening
  • Rugged, replaceable J-bulb seal provides nearly drip-tight performance
  • UHMW Polyethylene guide inserts
  • Stainless steel stem and bronze lift nut


  • Flatback for headwall mounting
  • Flange or thimble mount
  • Spigotback for mounting to spiral corrugated metal pipe, PVC pipe or HDPE pipe

When ordering AC-31, specify your choice of crank-operated geared lift,  handwheel manual lift or motor operator.   See order form and consult factory for ordering assistance.