C-2 Galvanized Distributing Gates

WATERMAN C-2 GALVANIZED DISTRIBUTING GATES are formed from extra-heavy prime galvanized steel, and feature die-formed seats which make the gates an excellent choice for turnouts when grouted into irrigation pots or lengths of concrete, when riveted into steel pipe, or when glued into PVC pipe. Extensively used for lined ditch turnouts and dairy operations where a reasonably tight gate is adequate.

The slides are held in position by spring tension rolls, enabling the slide to be set in any position for easy regulation of flow. Easy lift handles allow for comfortable operation.


  • C-2 or C-2E for concrete or corrugated steel pipe applications
  • C-2-4 for PIP size plastic pipe
  • C-2E-4 for IPS or PIP
  • C-2E-CIP for PIP or IPS PVC pipe
  • C-2E-6 for HDPE pipe