P-30 Cast Iron Slide Gates

The Best Option for Medium-Duty Water Control Applications

WATERMAN P-30 CAST IRON PRESSURE GATES offer reliable water control for medium-duty applications, such as small reservoirs, distribution boxes, ponding areas, and pumping stations, where fluid and operating conditions are moderate and continuous throttling action is not anticipated. They are designed for years of reliable service and incorporate best-in-class construction available only from Waterman.


  • Center-point, wedge action closure
  • For 60 foot seating (face) pressure and 10 foot unseating (back) pressure
  • Iron seat faces and guide rails – stainless steel guide rails on sizes 16″ and up
  • Non-rising 304 stainless-steel stem standard

P-30-1 for mounting to a wall or structure.

P-30FF for mounting to a pipe flange (ANSI 125#).