F-10 Cast Iron Flap Gates

WATERMAN F-10 CAST IRON DRAINAGE GATES are designed for use with concrete pipe, head walls, and corrugated metal pipe with up to ten foot seating head. The frame and cover are constructed of heavy-duty cast iron. Steel angle links are used to absorb unbalanced side shock, and are balance-pivoted on bronze bushings. The quality design and construction assures years of maintenance-free operation.

Waterman F-10 Drainage Gates are currently in extensive use on federal, state, and municipal projects for drainage, waste line, sewage treatment, flood control, and irrigation systems.

Not recommended for pump discharge or other applications where violent slamming may occur.


  • Specially-engineered seat design eliminates the need for special pipe cuts or sections
  • Innovative cover design features built-in “Safety Bar” that prevents sticking and jamming
  • Free outflow with practical sealing against back flow
  • Maintenance-free operation


  • Flatback or Spigotback configuration
  • Taper setting collars (for mounting to concrete pipe) or other special pipe-mounting adapters