WBV Series Butterfly Valves (New Sizes Added for 2021)


Application Summary:

  • High performance butterfly valve for long life in agricultural, pump control and industrial applications.
  • Wafer-style mounting between standard ANSI flanges
  • Can be used for on/off and throttling control
  • Enhanced and updated model of Waterman VBE2-W

Key Features:

Designed for performance, built to last.   Constructed to provide reliable operation, year-after-year.

Seating.   Bubble-tight, positive shut-off.  Low operating torque for ease of operation.  Disc surface is precisely machined for long life in harsh conditions.   Valves tested bubble-tight to 200PSI.  BUNA-N seating surface standard.

Stainless steel disc.   316 Stainless Steel.  Uniform surface finish resists pitting

Requires no flange gaskets.   Integral flange seals incorporated as part of valve seat.

Multiple stem seals.   No potential for leak path from disc to handle.  No part of the stem exposed to the water flow.

Self-lubricating, maintenance-free stem bushing.  Low friction for easy operation.

Maximum operating pressure: 200 PSI (sizes 2.5”-12”), 150 PSI (14” and larger)

Operator types:

  • Hand-lever operators, available on sizes 2.5” to 12”. Equipped with a 10-position stop plate to allow partial open / throttling operation.
  • Geared operators, available on sizes 4” to 24”. Worm-gear type operator that is fully-enclosed.  Normally handwheel operated, but can be fitted with a 2” square operating nut if specified.  Gear housing is permanently lubricated at the factory for trouble-free operation.
  • Buried service operator/ bonnet extension. Mounts the geared operator or handwheel above ground on the top of an extension pipe.  A shaft contained within the pipe transmits opening/closing torque to the valve below.  Extensions available in 24”- 72” in-stock, with custom sizes on request.
  • Stem extensions are used when the geared operator stays mounted to the valve, with only the shaft for a handwheel or operating nut rising to ground level (or protruding above, as such is the application design) Such engineering is often used with floor boxes where flush mounting with floor or pavement is necessary for clearance or aesthetic reasons.   Consult factory for details.
  • Automated operators. Electric, pneumatic and hydraulic actuation.  Consult factory for details.