F-55 Heavy Duty Flap Gates

WATERMAN F-55 HEAVY DUTY FLAP GATES are designed for applications with maximum 55 foot seating heads.  Each gate is custom-made to job requirements.

Key Features:

  • Up to 96″ diameter (Note: for sizes 4″, 10″ & 21″ please choose the P-25 Flap Gate
  • Automatic operation
  • Cast iron frame and cover
  • Machined seating surfaces for tight closure
  • Field-adjustable linkage allows sensitivity adjustment
  • Lifting eye in cover for manual operation for maintenance
  • Standard bronze hinge bushings; stainless steel hinge pins, studs and nuts
  • Wall mount, thimble mount or pipe flange mount.


  • Ni-resist cover, frame and hinge block
  • Iron, bronze or neoprene seats.
  • Custom coatings including fusion epoxy, polyamide epoxy, coal tar or total galvanizing
  • A leaf-spring bumper with rubber cushion block can be furnished and should be used with pump discharge lines