New Product: CR-101-HP High Pressure Air Vent

The Waterman Series CR-101-HP Aluminum Body Continuous Acting High Pressure Air Vent and Vacuum Relief Valve is a higher-pressure air vent for areas with extreme elevations and where extra protection is required. Protect your pipelines and pumps for air lock and vacuum collapse, and prevent reduction or impedance of flow due to air obstruction.


  • Rated to 300 psi standard operating pressure, laboratory tested to 750 psi
  • Engineered safety factor of 5X with respect to tensile strength
  • Cast aluminum meets strength requirements of AWWA C512 standard while dramatically improving corrosion resistance
  • Continuous acting mechanism seals at pressures as low as 2 psi, providing the best published performance in the industry
  • Lighter weight material aids in installation and mounting
  • Large venting orifice allows for rapid air movement in or out
  • Specially designed for hilly terrain, high heads, or use with high-pressure pumps